Kasarda’s Krafts: Pallet Makeover

Running a greenhouse is a labor of love.

Over the course of several months our experienced horticulturists meticulously grow a wide range of flowers, plants, herbs, and produce. The final result is a full and healthy product ready to be purchased by one of our customers and driven off to a new home. 

We hardly ever get to see what becomes of our plants, so we were thrilled to hear from one of our longtime customers, Julia Weidow, who took ordinary pallets and turned them into a showpiece featuring plants purchased from our greenhouse.

“This is just pallets we stained and put together and put a base in so less dirt was needed,” said Weidow. “It was a project I saw online and my husband helped me with. We got the pallets from his father’s pallet recycling company — Weidow’s Pallets and recycling — which is across the street.”

The finished product (made up of coleus, ageratum, verbena, salvia, ipomoea, spikes, vinca, dahlia, canna lily, oxalis, sunpatiens, and more) is a beautiful showpiece of vibrant colors that is now displayed at Whitey’s Metal Recycling in Spring Brook, PA. 

Now that we’re open for the fall season, we’re excited to see how our customers turn our plants into something that’s uniquely their own.

“[Kasarda’s] flowers are amazing
and we come every year. Thanks for having such fantastic plants!”
Julia Weidow