Plant Profiles: Pansy

Pansy viola x wittrockiana

Did you know that Pansies are the most sold flower in the world?

There are two main types of pansy’s, clear or pure & faced or blotch.  A pansy with a face/blotch, features a dark blotch in the center of the flower.  Pansies are available in an amazing array of colors and are easy to grow.

Height: 4-6 Inches
Spread: 4-8 Inches
USDA Zone: Zones 4-8

Growing Tips

Best planted when soil temps are between 45-70 degrees and in a raised bed for good drainage.  Pansy’s planted when soil temps are below 45 will be stunted exhibiting little growth or flowering.  Plant 6 to 10 inches apart in full of part sun.  Water thoroughly for the first time 5 days after planting and then it is best that they receive a thorough watering once or twice a week and feed once every two weeks.

Pansies will flower even more profusely and longer with regular dead heading of faded and spent blooms. During the hottest months, cut the plants back and mulch to conserve moisture. When cooler weather returns in the fall pansies will reward you with a second show of blooms.

Because they are very hardy, pansy plants can be set out at least a month before the frost-free date in your area. After a week or so of hardening off, the plants can be put into their growing beds and left outside.

Characteristics & Attributes

Attracts Wildlife
  • Butterflies
  • Fragrant
  • Overwintering
Design Use
  • Container
  • Window Boxes
  • Mass Planting
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Edging
  • Full Sun / Part Sun

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